Our Community; Local Partnerships and Friends


Build A Bus Home

“Building, traveling, and serving together, one bus at a time!” We welcome all groups of people to volunteer with us in building affordable housing and Mobile Hygiene Infrastructure from surplus school buses. Our mission: to provide bus conversion homes for low income residents of Thurston County, and mobile hygiene infrastructure for the homeless while empowering the community. Our Vision: BABH is designed to solve the affordable housing crisis, to change the world, to change attitudes toward homeless, and to build communities.

Well 'n Green

Business Development, Branding, and Marketing for Green & Natural-Focused companies. As a consulting specialist, Well ' n Green will help develop concept campaigns and implement strategies from beginning to end – until you are seeing a significant increase in your sales and brand following.

Jenna Mason Media

COMMUNICATION FOR A SUSTAINABLE AND ETHICAL FUTURE Mission: to contribute to unconventional media by providing a platform for organizations and individuals who are working on environmental, social, and political issues. Offering affordable services to promote and highlight your business, non-profit, cooperative, or personal journey. Through a sustainable and ethical lens, to help transform how media communicates and educates on important issues and efforts. Reality shall never be sensationalized, only represented.

Imaginal Cafe and The Butterfly Project

Envision groups of people, from all walks of life, coming together, face to face, heart to heart, cup to cup, to envision a new course for our community, our country and our planet. The Imaginal Cafes will invite groups of regular people to sit down together, to discuss our lives, our values and our future. In a “café“, with food and drink in hand, we will discuss our real challenges and envision a sustainable future for all. These cafés will connect with each other and share ideas and information. In this way, a national and ultimately global common vision is created. And then we will activate and execute that vision!

Do It Greener (DiG)

Do It Greener is a Student Club at Evergreen State College focused on Natural Building and Sustainable living practices. Students can gather for workshops and presentations and share with one another ideas, methods,and education. Focused on the ideals of Eco-building and eco-village, students and community memebers can learn about natural building using sustainable materials such as clay, cobb, and more!

Tiny Home on The Trailer

Olivia Tyrnauer is a local Olympia resident and Evergreen student who is building her own mobile tiny home! She has shared the entire process on Instagram and was featured on the front page of The Olympian in a feature about tiny homes as an answer to the Housing Crisis. We love supporting Olivia and her dream!


A dynamic freelancer with many skillsets ready to engage in collaborative artistic work. Graphic Artist, Production & Event Manager, Wedding & Events Photography, and Community Event Organizer.

Hestia's Muse

Hestia is the Goddess of Home and Hearth. It is Her duty to keep the Hearth fire lit at all times for her brothers and sisters – the other Gods of Olympus. Fire is representative of wisdom, knowledge, purity, energy, power, purification or cleansing, warmth, and survival. I am but a simple human muse; inspired by Hestia and many other Deities to share the warmth of my own inner fire with whoever should appear at my door. Come, step inside my home. Warm yourself by my fire or let me show you how to build your own fire. Together we can find just the right medicine to soothe and empower your soul on this journey. Astrology Readings, Astrology Workshops, Home Blessings, and more!