Our Difference: What we bring to the table

Earth Homes is a young company with a solid track record of community engagement in homelessness issues, affordable housing, and ecological building in Olympia, WA. Recently featured on the front page of The Olympian, Earth Homes is in active conversation with communities of faith and city mayors and managers who are seeking to implement tiny-home villages as a homelessness relief effort.

We believe that everyone should have access to healthy, efficient, affordable housing; that the housing crisis and the climate crisis can be solved by the same means; and that designing for community will yield social, economic, and environmental benefits we can scarcely imagine. We want to share our passion for high-performance, naturally sourced building methods and materials, climate mitigation, economic resilience, public health and affordable housing, and a world based around community and partnership, including with the natural world.

We have vivid stories – personal, political, and practical – to share around the following experiences:

  • internship(s) inside Quixote Village, the famous publicly-funded tiny house village in Olympia; 
  • personal involvement with homelessness issues in Olympia
  • Our time at the Evergreen State College, and how we leveraged the format of a student group to identify and train a cadre of capable ecological builders who now form the core of our company, 
  • Challenges and triumphs in founding an ethical, community-based eco-building business in Olympia in 2019
  • Our involvement in the Cascadia movement, with its drive to strengthen the cooperative economy and cultural interrelations, which brings insight to our work; 
  • Lessons gained, and technical advantages learned, from work with the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, Rocky Mountain Institute, Infinitum Humanitarian Systems, Briotech, and others.

Community Focused Training

Solution-driven, process-oriented visionaries driving social change; Earth Homes LLC is passionate about natural building and the embedded solutions found in the process of practicing together. We are here to see a world where it is normal again for neighborhoods to come together to build and craft each others home spaces. Through gamified education and empowerment, we will remember that we, the people, can build the change. Our dream is to host workshops and work parties to help others learn a combination of traditional and new techniques for building with safe & natural materials. How can you support us in this dream? 

Now’s the time.
We’re looking for clients*.
We’re looking for leaders.
We’re looking for students.

*Clients: As a licensed contractor, we reach out: – Which project(s) have you been putting off? We can help you with your home repair, remodel, addition, and more!  Earth Homes LLC would be honored to help you take care of your home, and in exchange the funds raised will support educational workshops and training programs to drive this social change.